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“Creativity & innovation is to event,
what the heart & soul is to living”

Rehan Waris​

Specialized in tourism and event organization, Across Morocco is also a leading Destination Management Company offering various services in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) as well as luxury travel throughout Morocco.

Travel to magical Morocco with your local expert

Across Morocco’s team of experts disposes of the local knowledge and technical expertise to bring your ideas into life.

Consigning to a maximum of conceptual creativity, servicing originality and executional finesse; you are in for unmatched experiences tailored specifically to your needs and preferences. In constant search for innovation and novelty, Across Morocco keeps on striving to exceed your expectations and deliver incomparable services.


Commitment to excellence,
intelligent planning & focused effort

We leverage our unrivaled buying power in hotel and land services to provide budget-friendly rate offers and aggressive negotiation strategies to our clients and their delegates.

Deemed as one of the most recognized MICE specialized agencies in Morocco and investing in a proactive approach of research and development, Across Morocco is committed to adopt creativity and innovation as major assets in the organization of your event.


Travel for fulfillment, a travel to remember !

Our experienced travel experts use Across Morocco’s reputed connections to match the client with the perfect local destination(s) and experience, from a 1001 Nights getaway in Marrakech to a nomadic adventure in the great Moroccan desert.

We define the trajectory and make sure that each stopover fulfills you, your expectations and your needs. We are also committed to providing you with a unique emotional experience where you can feel the moment and appreciate every detail. Create moments of pleasure and satisfaction with a tailor-made concept, a whole new way of traveling.

Across Morocco

Across Morocco
is committed to


Offers suited to your demands& preferences.

CSR & Sustainable Tourism

Acting in the best interests of our environment and society as a whole.


Offers suited to your demands& preferences.


Philanthropy, environment conservation, diversity and labor practices, and volunteerism.

Official Sales Representatives

Our representative offices, scattered all over the map, employ their international network of tourism marketing and PR professionals to expand our outreach and connect us to divergent markets.






Marrakech : A Gateway to Culture

Artisana heritage, rich culture, colorful souks and dazzling medina alleys… Marrakech holds the promise of incomparable sensations!

Casablanca : The Megalopolis

Casablanca is the best representation of the modern nation that Morocco has become; it is where money is being made, fortunes are seeked and businesses are flourished...

Tangier : The Pearl of Africa

Tangier has for centuries been Europe’s gateway to Africa. With its blend of cultures and influences, Tangier has always been uniquely distinguished as the pearl of the northern Morocco...

Essaouira : The Charming Wind City

Known as the wind city of Africa, Essaouira has always been a preferred destination to wave riders and kite surfers...

Discover Morocco

Discover Morocco, the land of contrasts-soaring mountains, lush valleys, the vast, mesmerizing Sahara Desert, and the sprawling untouched beaches of southern Morocco.

Fez : Captivating Culture

An ancient attraction to scholars, philosophers, mathematicians and theologians, Fez remains a supremely self-confident city which cultural and spiritual lineage still beguiles its visitors; something...


Whether you are looking to relax on the beach, explore the city’s historical and cultural attractions, or try your hand at a new water sport, Dakhla is ...

Moroccan Sahara

Spread out over 9 million square kilometres across north Africa, the great Sahara desert is the largest sand desert in the world...


Rabat is home to a number of historical landmarks and cultural attractions, including the Hassan Tower, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, and the Kasbah of the Udayas. In addition to its royal connection...